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Notarial services

We offer notarisations and certifications in all fields with the accompanying advice. Our firm provides the whole range of services under one roof – from the initial concept through to public notarisation, even with an apostille certificate if required.

Estate planning

Matrimonial and inheritance agreements

Provision of advice and preparation of matrimonial and inheritance agreements Preparation of pre- and post-nuptial matrimonial agreements Periodic review of matrimonial and inheritance agreements in relation to current life circumstances


Preparation, public notarisation and depositing of public testamentary dispositions (wills)

Cohabitation agreements

Drafting and preparation of cohabitation agreements with comprehensive advice

Advance statement

Advice, drafting and conclusion of advance statements, including depositing at designated depositories (CAPA/notary offices)

Real estate transactions

Preparation of purchase and easement agreements

Preparation, handling, execution and public notarisation of purchase and easement agreements of all types, including managing dealings with the land registry office and all aspects of property settlement in the Canton of Glarus Providing advice and drafting agreements for the granting of easements such as rights to build on boundaries, rights of way, rights of passage Litigation to enforce these rights from easement agreements


Planning and advice for implementing property mutations including managing contract settlement with the land registry office and any approvals required from other government agencies (agriculture office/tax office)

Establishment of condominiums

Establishment of condominiums as a complete package, including drawing up the necessary notarial agreements for the land registry office, calculation of ownership ratios, preparation of the necessary property plans for the land registry office, drafting of the rules and regulations for owners and the public notarisation of the latter, and registration in the land registry

Creating a mortgage

Drawing up public deeds for creating a mortgage, including managing dealings with the land registry office of the Canton of Glarus

Certification by notary

Certification of signatures, certification of copies, providing certifications in German, English, Italian and Spanish, including obtaining apostilles.

Starting up a business

Comprehensive services for founding Aktiengesellschaften (stock corporations), GmbH (limited liability companies), foundations and cooperatives; drafting and review of articles of association; carrying out the necessary public notarisations, negotiations and managing dealings with the responsible commercial registries throughout Switzerland; amendment of articles of association when converting registered shares into bearer shares; relocation of registered office; change of name, etc.

Increases in capital

Implementing complex increases in capital and reductions in capital, including the associated public notarisation of the individual resolutions of the company and the board of directors

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Hansjürg Rhyner
Notary in the Canton of Glarus