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Legal advice

We can advise you on a range of legal matters using our extensive specialist knowledge. You will find an overview here of the areas of legal practice in which we can provide expert advice based on many years of experience.

Legal services

The main focus of our law firm is matters of inheritance law, family and matrimonial law, contract law including labour law, tenancy law, contracts for services, administrative law and civil law matters for individuals and legal entities

Labour law

Preparation and assessment of employment agreements in the private and public law domains Conducting labour law litigation Advising on social security contributions in matters of labour law, in particular in the restaurant and catering sector Revision of work references

Inheritance law

Business succession

Preparation of strategic plans for business succession including implementation of business handover and evaluation of legal consequences for inheritance

Estate planning

Development of comprehensive plans, including a marital and inheritance agreement or a will for coherent estate planning Preparation and implementation of matrimonial agreements including public notarisation and depositing with the relevant public authorities

Execution of wills

Handling the execution of wills and complex divisions of inheritance, including managing taxation issues Preparation and drafting of plans for divisions of inheritance in the role of executor or as the agent tasked with division of inheritance

Conducting inheritance litigation

Enforcing inheritance claims, from negotiations with the entire community of heirs through to conducting inheritance litigation throughout Switzerland Advising in cross-border inheritance cases

Divisions of inheritance and more

Implementation of complex divisions of inheritance, including those with an international component Advising heirs and legatees

Family and matrimonial law

Providing advice and conducting litigation in all matters relating to family and matrimonial law Managing maintenance claims Providing advice and handling divorce proceedings Representing children in family law matters

Company law

Providing advice and conducting litigation in company law matters

Construction and planning law

Legal evaluation of construction projects, clarifications in matters of land-use planning, conducting proceedings for planning objections (zone plan/use plan); conducting proceedings relating to construction objections under public and private law

Law on contract for services and orders

Legal assessment of service contracts, providing advice and conducting litigation for construction defects, providing advice and conducting litigation in matters relating to SIA standards

Civil liability law

Providing advice and conducting litigation to enforce liability claims of all types, in particular in the fields of sports law, winter sport accidents, bike accidents, paraglider accidents

Traffic law

Providing advice and conducting proceedings for traffic infringements, road traffic accidents, including both criminal law and administrative law aspects such as speeding, failing to maintain a safe distance, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Contract law

Providing advice and drawing up complex contracts in the area of tenancy and leasehold law, in particular in the fields of catering and SMEs

Conducting litigation

Civil law proceedings

Representation in civil law disputes before all courts in German-speaking Switzerland

Criminal law proceedings

Legal representation in criminal law proceedings, in particular matters under the Swiss Road Traffic Act

Administrative law litigation

Conducting administrative law litigation throughout German-speaking Switzerland

Debt enforcement

Conducting debt enforcement proceedings, from initiation of recovery to collection of claims

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