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We are dedicated to finding the best and the most efficient solution for your circumstances. Our team will focus completely on your requirements and advise you with true commitment, also representing you at court or to government agencies if needed. We communicate in German, English and Italian. Find out more about the individuals who work at Rhyner Rechtsanwälte Notare.


June 2022

Mirco Dello Stritto starts his own business and takes over the Rapperswil office.

April 2020

Richard Schmidt leaves the law firm – he is appointed Staff Officer in the cantonal police force, Canton of Glarus. The name of the law firm is changed to Rhyner Rechtsanwälte Notare.

February 2017

The Rapperswil office opens – Mirco Dello Stritto works there as a lawyer and notary holding a notary’s licence for St Gallen.


Richard Schmidt gains his licence to practise as a notary and lawyer in the Canton of Glarus and joins the law firm. The law firm operates under the name Rhyner & Schmidt Rechtsanwälte.

4 November 1996

Hansjürg Rhyner opens the notary’s office and law firm Rhyner Rechtsanwälte in the railway station at Schweizerhofstrasse 2, Glarus, Switzerland.

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